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all photos:
110806 day 1 – Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise Fjällstation
110807 day 2 – Kebnekaise Fjällstation – Sälkastugan
110808 day 3 – Sälkastugan-Tjäkta – Alesjaurestugan
110809 day 4 – Alesjaurestugan – Kieron
110810 day 5 – Kieron – Abisko Turiststation

equipment list

18KG of luggage incl. 1/2 – 1 L of water (measured right at the start point in Nikkalukta)

trekking backpack Tatonka (80-90l)
3 waterproof dry bags (different sizes [S, M, L])
ziplock bags and plastic bags (approx. 4 plastic bags + 4 ziplock bags)
tension straps and similar
rain cover for backpack (80-90l)

1x pair of hiking boots (Scarpa SL)
1x pair of hiking sandals
2 replacement shoelaces
2x hiking socks
3x thermo t-shirts [hiking&sleeping]
1x long sleeved thermo shirt [hiking&sleeping]
1x thin layered Fleece
1x warm(ish) windstopper softshell
1x Bergans Anatomic LV 3-layer outdoor jacket
1x thermal underwear (longs) [sleeping & hiking (if necessary)]
1x thermal undershirt [sleeping & hiking (if necessary)]
2x underwear
1x Fjäll Räven G-1000 hiking trousers (long) incl. belt
1x Fjäll Räven G-1000 hiking trousers (zip-off)
1x pair of water-/windproof overtrousers
1x microfiber towel
1x handkerchief (Bavarian rhombs – white & blue)
1x fleece hat
1x cap
1x head & neck bandana
1x pair of sunglasses (= replacement glasses)
2x knee bandages
1x ankle support bandages
1x swimming trousers

037Sleeping Gear:
1x tent (Sierra Designs – Electron, 2-person tent)
repair kit for tent / Seam Grip
1x Thermarest
Thermarest repair kit
1x sleeping bag (Mountain Equipment “Classic” 750, XL [Comfort: -5°C; Limit: -12°C; Extreme: -31°C – recommende sleeping zone: +10°C to -12°C]; weight: approx. 1.5kg

Cooking Gear & provisions:
1x Coleman gas cooker (type: screwing)
1x cooking pot (Coleman) incl. holder
1x Coleman cooking pot (small)/plate
1x thermal cup
1x spork
1x lighter & 1x box of wind- and waterproof matches
small container with salt/pepper/spices
food (e.g. power bars, dried fruits, chocolate/bisquits [Pick-up], expedition food [FRC], bread [FRC], soup, meat, “Baconost” [cheese from a tube], etc.)
washing-up sponge cloth
1x 3l Camelback

First aid, toiletries, other general items
First aid:
1x Adventure Medical First Aid Kit (incl. bandages, plasters, after-bite, emergency blanket, safety-pins etc)
1 box of Compeed
1-person bivy bag
25 water purification tablets
40x Imodium
After Bite Xtra gel
Bepanten antiseptic cream
30x Ibuprofen pain relief
20x Paracetamol
10x Grippostad flu relief
8x Strepsils
hay fever pills
insect repellent spray (Care Plus Anti Insect/DEET)
sewing kit
safety pins
needles (blisters!)
sun lotion
coils (against insects)

tooth brush
tooth paste natural
1x 18-in-1 biological soap (Shampoo, body soap, laundry, dishwashing etc.)
toilet paper

Documents & money:
driving licence
vaccination certificates (copies)
travel documents (flight/train tickets, insurance papers)
cash & credit card, etc.

Other items:
1 pair of hiking poles
foot & hand warmers
pen for notes
12 spare batteries (rechargeable Garmin)
2 mobile phones (private, work) incl. cover & charger
1x digicam incl. 2x 1GB SD cards, spare battery, incl. charger
head torch (without spare batteries, as torch isn’t needed anyway)
map: Fjällkarta BD6 Abisko-Kebnekaise-Narvik 1 : 100 000
route list from FRC website (where to camp, gaps between water etc.)
Garmin Oregon 400t incl. Sweden OSM
Polar watch
approx. 3 metre of rope/cord
2x carabiner
Duct tape
Books and/or magazines
Bavarian flag + German “flower chain”
1x Swiss Army knife (inc. scissors, tweezers, compass)
games: Romme, Kniffel/Yahtzee, travel Monopoly


Elf to the end!

Since my former housemates in Leeds showed me pictures of them having been on a trek in the very north of Sweden, I had the idea of doing the same thing one day stuck in my head.


Well, and as the outdoor company Fjällräven started organising a supported but still very much individual trek on the ‘Kungsleden’ (King’s Trail) in northern Sweden every year in August, a group of eleven people including myself joined the so-called ‘Fjällräven Classic’ in 2011.

038It’s groups or individuals who can join and walk from Nikkaluokta near Kiruna to Abisko (a place from where you can’t go a lot further north in Sweden; 200km north of the Polar Circle; so even in August when we were there, it never got totally dark). Basically it’s up to every group how much time it takes them to walk the 110km. 4-5 days as we did it seemed to be the most common way to do it. Carrying all the luggage including tent and sleeping gear plus most of the provisions left hardly anyone with a backpack with less than 15kg. Maximum weight? Open end!

At checkpoints we collected stamps in order to get our medal in the end. Plus – a lot more importantly – could stock up on food (including reindeer burgers at ‘Lap Donald’s’ and moose wraps; immediately followed by pancakes with a lot of jam and cream; not to forget: cheese from a squeezy tube – weird people, the Scandinavians 😉 ). Apart from that it was pretty much down to ourselves to hike amidst impressive scenery. And even if the sun wasn’t out all the time: it was very impressive indeed.

We were a group of eleven people from different countries: Germans, Bavarians, Dutch, 11 to the endEnglish. Themed “Elf to the end” we all managed to get to the end – not all at the same time, but that didn’t matter as we had enough time planned after the tour to enjoy a few nice days in and around Abisko – of course including some more hiking 😉

The Fjällräven Classic takes place every year in August – and it’s sold out pretty quickly right after the signup period opens (usually around October the year before). So if you feel like joining one day you better be quick!

Oh, and if anyone ever happens to be up there and finds a camera: I’m sure Jason would be happy to know 😉


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